Blood speaks!

The blood of birds, animals and man has a voice. Scripture tells of the blood of Abel and the prophets which speak. (Luke 11:50-51) In the days of the Old Testament, the blood of doves and lambs was sufficient to cover sin for a year.
In the New Testament however, the believer has a superior blood that speaks for him, it is the blood of Jesus Christ. This blood forgives and cleanses the sin of the world, the sins of believers, and ensures our participation and inheritance in Christ.
The blood that was shed for us in essence, is not the red flowing substance from Jesus’ body but the life that he gave for us. Even in the courts of heaven, this multifaceted blood speaks for us.
In the face of any accusation or charge in the courts, the disposition of the believer is to remain focused on God and not the accusation. For God is faithful; he who justified us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ will justify and acquit us of all charges.
Walk with your head held high, and your focus on the Lord because you are victorious in Christ. Be conscious always of this truth.
Join us in fellowship tomorrow as we continue our study on the Ontology of Heaven, Shalom!


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