Another E X C I T I N G  S U N D A Y 

Have you ever wondered, “can babies speak in tongues?” and “when do children become believers?”

In service today, we understood from scripture that once one parent of a child is a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ, automatically, his child is a believer – the child is holy unto the Lord. (1Corinthians 7:14) His child’s faith is only confirmed later in his life. (2Tim 3:5)

Children MUST take communion and enjoy other privileges in the body as much as the elderly. By partaking of the table of the Lord, they are kept from partaking of the table of devils.

Again, we know that it is one that has the spirit of God that speaks in tongues. Scripture recorded that John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit even in the womb. Thus as long as your child has the spirit of God, he can speak in tongues as the Spirit gives utterance.

As a believing parent, you just have to guide your children in truth and the knowledge of Christ. Have this understanding as a believing parent and raise your children in the way of Christ. Shalom



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