… without fail.

Could it be that Someone somewhere cares so much for me? Do I know how much God loves me?
To grow in understanding how perfectly loved I am by my Father in heaven. To understand why He loves me.

Though I am still Theodora. He demonstrated His love for me when I had nothing to offer Him but my brokenness, my shame, my sins, and my disqualifications! My wrong thoughts, lies, cheat, and hate!

Yet He accepts me anyway. He chose me. He doesn’t look at me and see my dents; but to see Jesus’ perfection. Oh what perfect love! A love with such an unfathomable intensity. Not just a love that people toss around. The kind of love that gives itself for others!  God’s love without conditions!

He so Loved me that today, I can boldly come to His throne of grace. He loves me without fail. He thought I was worth dying for. He paid the highest price possible so He could call me His own. A payment that cannot be revoked. I am His child.

I am so deeply loved and cared for; and so are You! Thinking of this, my heart swells with intense emotion. So thankful Yahweh.


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