My first experienced love…

We do know that, there’s no love like the first. It is unforgettable! It’s pierce is like a sunset, a blaze of color. It was physically, emotionally and spiritually uplifting than any other experience I had ever been through. His unconditional selflessness.

Do you know that the child needs love like roses need rain? So therefore when self-sacrificing love exists between parents, the children in the family benefit greatly. Love is God’s foremost quality. His love transcends knowledge.

What could I have done to blot out my sins? What could I have done to save myself? What could I have done to guarantee my salvation for eternity? I could do absolutely nothing! He forgave me freely and willingly. He paid it all! His exceptional Grace.

I have received His unmerited, undeserved, unearned kindness and favor. He, who knew no sin was made sin for me, so that God’s righteousness would be produced in me. I have been justified freely. Is He not amazing!!

He is love. He has not and will never reject me nor let me down. His heart is to give to me. He brings me joy, peace. He heals me me. His supply is attracted to my need and the amazing fact is that, His supply is always greater than my need. It pains His heart not to be able to give to me.

Thank you so much JESUS, for I am nothing without your love. Well His love is never tired of waiting for YOU too my dear. He is ever ready to embrace you with His endless Love.

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