Many, many times we felt that God did not love us because we were not important. We felt that God didn’t care. Most of the time, when tragedies strike, constantly the question comes up: “where was God?” Or in your own life, has a traumatic experience made you wonder if God cares about you, personally?

From childhood on, you knew that the Almighty God exists. Yet, you did not believe that Jesus cared for you, but neither did you feel that He hated you. We do have these doubts because the family faced one tragedy after another, and it seemed that God wasn’t helping us at all. But the Bible says that “throw all your worry on Him, because He cares for you.”-ISV

It is revealed that Jesus cares for us because He is keenly interested in our welfare and watches over us with loving concern. There is absolutely nothing that escapes God’s notice. He is even aware of our sufferings when others may not be aware of them or fully understand them. Jesus is very compassionate. He understands us better than we understand ourselves.

Because we have Jesus on our side, we do not have to think negatively when we face challenges. He understands any difficulties we go through. Our part is to only believe in Jesus Christ. Starting our day with Jesus, practicing His presence, acknowledging Him, and trusting Him for His unmerited favor, wisdom and strength for every day. He gives us peace, security and protection even in the midst of a storm.

There is no safer place than under the protective shelter of Jesus’ wings. It does not matter what circumstances may be raging around you. You can take refuge in the Lord, knowing that He comes to the aid of those who are distressed. God’s grace is always supplying healing, protection, wisdom, and provision to you.

Jesus notices, understands and feels for us.

He really cares about you.


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